Raving Reviews

Raving Reviews

Thank you to all of our customers for
choosing us as your favorite pizza!


"Moving here few years ago after growing up in North Jersey a good chunk of my life, I was tryin to find some good pizza here. I tried the others but they weren't what I was looking for. I got a coupon in the mail for Big Sergio's and said what the heck. I ordered a pizza and when it got to my house, I opened it up and it looked like it came right from a pizzeria in NJ. It is so damn good. It's the only place down here in the Triangle that can come close to pizza like back home. I always order the pizza but they have so much other food on their menu that I haven't tried yet. They don't deliver to where I live now near the airport but its worth it the 20 min drive to pick it up. Its that good. You wont be disappointed."

Dave J.


"Absolutely love love the pizza here!! We have ordered delivery 2 times now and the pizza is delicious and definitely NY style!! The meatballs are out of this world, we ordered the meat pizza and the toppings on his pizza was incredible!!! WOW!! Fabulous crust and most importantly a wonderful group of employees. Again we have only ordered delivery but if that's an indication the restaurant then 10 stars!!! You guys are doing an amazing job!

I'm from Queens originally and this is by far the BEST NY pizza in the area!!! We love you guys!!
And your delivery guy is always a pleasure!!!
We will be ordering delivery again!!

Thank you so much!! Highly highly recommended!!"

Carolyn T.


"This is the place to come on a Friday night with the family or with your friends to watch a game, eat delicious food, enjoy laughs and have a good time.

The pizza is mainly NY slice style with many options, toppings, and flavors to choose from mix and match to your liking. You can also order a whole pie for a bigger group and eat it fresh blazing hot from their oven. If NY thin slice is not your style, they also have other pizza styles like Sicilian and Grandma's.

Aside from pizza, they have excellent subs, salads, and my personal favorite...their wings! They have a secret recipe and cooking style and are made to order fresh and so crispy! Their buffalo mild sauce is my favorite topping as they are tossed in and you get the right amount of flavor with each bite....yum!"

Hytham Z.


"Flavorful, HUGE pizza. I didn't realize just how big the slices would be until I picked up the pizza. This amazing pizza has lasted over a week since we are full after eating a slice or two. I definitely recommend checking them out. Online ordering and pick-up is quick and easy."

Jillian S.


"The pizza from here blows my taste buds away, it is so good! The crust is certainly more along the lines of what a New York pizza is. The flavor of the sauce is absolutely delicious. I appreciate just the perfect balance of cheese and greasiness.

I'm sure we will be back here again soon! Just thinking of this pizza makes my mouth water."

Kara M.


"Big Sergios surpasses expectations. Pizza is sooo good I could have a slice a day and not get bored. I eat every last bite. Even the crust. Unique to Sergio The Grandmas pizza is unforgettable. Must try. The sauce is savory, validity, garlicky- just delicious.

I don't think I could go back to big chain restaurants."

Emme R.